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DWI DISMISSED—Texas v. F.A. (November 2021)

Pakistani-native who lives in Dallas arrested for DWI. Because of his DACA status, we continued pressing for a trial. After multiple appeals to the Court for violating his right to a speedy trial, the court ultimately agreed. Court dismissed his DWI, and he is able to reapply for DACA status.

Not Guilty

0.176 Blood Test NOT GUILTY—Texas v. E.K. (December 2021)

Fort Worth man accused of DWI after wrecking his car while taking a turn to sharply. Officer said he failed 2/3 field sobriety tests. Client consented to give blood, which came back over twice the limit. Jury found reasonable doubt about accuracy of blood test, found client not guilty in under thirty minutes.

Not Guilty

0.18 Blood Test NOT GUILTY in less than 1 hour — Texas v. —(expunged) (July 2021)

Client charged w/ DWI after falling asleep in Whataburger drive through. On Halloween, dressed as Scooby Doo, client gets out and does field sobriety tests. Officer says he fails, arrests him for DWI, and gets a warrant to draw blood. Blood test result was 0.18. Jury did not believe the blood test, and found client not guilty in under one hour.

Not Guilty

NOT GUILTY DWI — Texas v. B.R. (Apr. 2021)

Hood County DWI: Client who had severe back and leg issues from years of working as a personal trainer stopped on the square in Granbury for failing to signal a turn. Officer claimed he failed all field sobriety tests, even though not a candidate due to injuries. Also said he blew a .10 on a portable breath test. Jury found client not guilty in under one hour.

Not Guilty

NOT GUILTY DWI—State v. A.K. (Feb. 2022)

Hood County teacher charged with DWI. Client was pulled over on the side of the road, using her phone, in the rain. Police pulled up and began a DWI investigation. Officers never asked her whether she had any injuries making her not a candidate for field sobriety tests. Client had been in serious car accident prior to this incident, had toes amputated, and had been in hospital for nearly six months. Even though officers testified she failed the tests, jury found client Not Guilty in under 90 minutes.


DWI Dismissed — State v. A.B. (Jan. 2022)

Client stopped by Colleyville Police, claiming he failed to maintain a single lane. After being stopped, Officer asked client to do field sobriety tests, concluding he failed them all. Client gave blood test, which was over the limit. Client charged with both DWI and Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon. Both cases dismissed, and gun returned to client.

Secured 6-month sentence

Federal bank and wire fraud investigation – USA v. S.R. (Jan 2022)

Client facing 30 years in prison for bank fraud and wire fraud in massive car dealership fraud scheme. After defense investigation revealed he knew little, if anything, we negotiated a plea wherein Client was offered misprision of a felony, and ultimately sentenced to only six months in a federal camp.

Not Guilty

Gambling Charges Dismissed — Texas v. F.M. (December 2021)

Client charged with various gambling offenses, including keeping a gambling place. Defense investigation revealed this was not true. Client had multiple defenses, including officers were simply wrong about gambling occurring. Set the case for trial, and prosecution dismissed on the Friday before Monday trial was set to begin.

Not Guilty

NOT GUILTY OF MURDER — Texas v. D.W. (December 2021)

CEO of oil company charged with murder of a police officer in Midland County. Officer and trainee opened client’s front door twice in the middle of the night. Investigation revealed they were acting upon faulty alarm information—the alarm company mistakenly sent a burglary call to their home. No alarm went off. No burglary was in progress. Midland County Jury found client justified in using self defense under the castle doctrine, and found him NOT GUILTY in 90 minutes.

Not Guilty

Murder charge dismissed by Texas Attorney General

Wife accused of murdering her husband. Case was ultimately prosecuted by the Texas Attorney General’s Office. Defense investigation showed client was truthful when she said she was defending herself from another unwanted attack in her own home, and was justified in using deadly force to defend herself

Not Guilty

All felonies dismissed.

Client given time-served on misdemeanor marijuana conviction; All cars and property returned to client (and almost all of the cash). Search warrant run on client’s house where police seized over 7,000 grams of THC oil, over five pounds of marijuana, and other controlled substances. Client charged with 1st Degree Felony manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance. Police also seized two vehicles, all televisions, computers, other personal belongings, and over $30,000.00 in cash. We filed a motion to suppress, arguing the search warrant failed to state probable cause.

Not Guilty

Two counts of aggravated assault – CASE DISMISSED!

State v. L.J. – Our client was charged with two counts of Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon for allegedly attacking his girlfriend and her brother with a knife. Our defense investigation successfully proved the client was actually attacked first by the brother and that our client acted in self-defense. We presented the proof from our investigation to the prosecutor and both cases were dismissed.

Not Guilty

Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon – NOT GUILTY

State v. K.P. – Our client was charged with Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon after his girlfriend accused him of hitting her with his car. Our pre-indictment in-house investigation showed the girlfriend’s story was greatly exaggerated and inconsistent. Prosecutor agreed but only reduced the case pre-indictment to misdemeanor Reckless Conduct. We took the case to trial and the jury found him not guilty.

Not Guilty

Jury Found Client Not Guilty on ALL Charges

Jury Found Client Not Guilty on ALL Charges (Continuous Sexual Abuse, Aggravated Sexual Assault, and Indecency with a Child) Client, who had just started his job as a jailer in Dallas County, was accused of continuously having sexual contact with his then 6-year old stepdaughter. After the 10:30 PM Friday night verdict, one juror stayed after to tell us that not only had we “proven” a reasonable doubt, but that he thought it was proven more likely than not that Grandma had planted these false memories in her granddaughter’s head because of her hatred of our client. We could not have done this without the help of our expert witness on false memory and forensic interviewing, Dr. Aaron Pierce.

Not Guilty

Oct 02, 2019 — 0.129 Blood Test – Not Guilty in 45 Minutes

Ellis County business owner accused of DWI. Prosecution introduced blood test showing he had a 0.12 BAC. Prosecution blood expert agreed on cross examination she could not say whether client was over .08 while driving. After defense expert testified about the many failings of the DPS Lab in Waco that tested the blood, the jury found client Not Guilty in under an hour. Arrest record expunged.

Not Guilty

Barratry Charges Dismissed!

Attorney client charged with Barratry (illegally soliciting clients). Faced possible prison sentence and losing law license. Lengthy defense investigation, and tons of research and consultation with experts, revealed no crime had actually been committed, and client was innocent. Even though defendant in an associated case pled to 4 years in prison, we convinced Prosecutor to dismiss the charge completely.

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