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Federal health care fraud has become a priority for the United States Department of Justice. These charges are serious, and typically brought against doctors and other healthcare providers, often when they did not know they were doing anything illegal. If you are under investigation by a grand jury or law enforcement for violating a healthcare fraud statute, you need experience defense counsel on your side.

What Is Health Care Fraud?

Some of the acts commonly prosecuted under the Health Care Fraud statutes are:

  • Billing for Services not Rendered – billing for services (usually additional services) that were not rendered;
  • Duplicate Claims – billing multiple times for same procedure
  • “Upcoding” and “Unbundling” – manipulation of CPT Codes to increase reimbursement.

Who Prosecutes Health Care Fraud?

Sometimes, healthcare fraud is prosecuted at the state level. But usually, it is prosecuted in the federal courts, which come with much stiffer potential penalties.  It is therefore vital that you contact an attorney experienced not only in the federal courts but with health care fraud charges and investigations.

The First Notice You Get May Be a Search Warrant

You may not realize you are under investigation until the FBI comes through your office door.  Health care fraud investigations usually include seizure of your office paper records and computers.  After this happens, it may be weeks or months before you hear from them again.  It doesn’t mean they have stopped.  Quite the opposite. Our attorneys have defended against shoddy search warrants and can help you navigate the federal criminal process.

Contact an Experience Healthcare Fraud Lawyer Today

If you have had your home or office searched, or if you have received a call from a law enforcement officer, you must call a lawyer.  Do not try to deal with the Government alone. No matter how educated and intelligent you are, you cannot take on a trained federal agent.  Further, if they believe you were untruthful when you speak to them, you can be charged with the additional offense of False Statement or even Obstruction of Justice. If you are under investigation for health care fraud, contact our office today at 817-928-4222 to set up an initial consultation.