No Conviction on DWI with BAC test over .15

Our client was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated after trying to re-enter a military base. Our client’s blood was taken, and the blood alcohol results came back in excess of 0.17—over twice the legal limit. The case sat in the courts for over two years as the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office was unwilling to extend a fair offer. Because of our firms reputation, when we set this case on the trial docket the state finally wanted to negotiate, but our lawyers didn’t blink.

Ultimately, Westfall Sellers was able to reduce our client’s charge from a DWI o/.15 to Obstructing a Highway, a lesser offense that does not result in a DWI conviction. Our client faced no additional jail time, probation, or license suspensions, and his charge cannot be used to enhance any potential future DWIs. After two years, despite being charged with driving over twice the legal limit, our client walked away from this incident without a DWI conviction on his record and no further obligations. When the State of Texas doesn’t bend, you need a lawyer in your corner that isn’t afraid to stare down a loaded gun.