New found belief in the justice system I was arrested for driving while intoxicated, but felt I was wrongly charged with the .15 enhancement, but did not want to take the time to go to court over it. Mr. Sellers put my mind at ease and and assured me we had a case worth fighting, [...]

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Brilliant lawyer with such a gift We hired Frank to represent our son for a criminal offense. His verdict is not guilty! Frank did an excellent job. He is very knowledgeable about the law and is very good at examining and cross examining witnesses. He was prepared for trial everyday. He is a very caring [...]

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Most Compassionate and Hard Working Lawyer. Would absolutely recommend to all my friends, family and acquaintances I hired Frank for my DWI and felony charge. It's easy for me to say that I'm beyond grateful for his hard work, vast knowledge, and support throughout the entirety of my case. And his understanding and positivity made [...]

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Prudent, Professional & Prepared Frank Sellers took on my case and somehow provided me with the best possible outcome due to the circumstances. Frank Sellers & his staff never missed a beat, was always a step ahead of the process and was exceptionally understanding of my particular instance. Personally, I was stunned at the end [...]

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Sellers is the Seal Team 6 of Defense Attorneys I am an attorney, so when I was accused of a crime, the stakes were high and only the best would do. I was lucky enough to know about Mr. Sellers and his stellar reputation in the criminal defense business. Frank aggressively represented me and ultimately, [...]

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Greg Westfall is one of the most talented lawyers I have ever met. If you need someone who is passionate about representing his clients and making sure their rights are protected -- Greg is the man for the job.

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My wife and I are so grateful. Greg Westfall, Frank Sellers, and Monroe Solomon. Thank you. I owe you guys my life. You guys defended me to the end. I had the very best attorneys anyone would want to have on their side. Contact Westfall Sellers Law Firm first if you're ever in need of [...]

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I wish this review option had 10 stars because that's what I would give Greg and his team. They worked tirelessly for me on my case for over 17 months. I was a heroin junky who had recently gotten sober and was working a program of recovery, but caught a couple of drug charges due [...]

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