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Dallas/Fort Worth, TX Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you or someone you care about has been charged or is under investigation for a violation of federal criminal law, the stakes are already at their highest. Whether the accusation is for fraud, tax evasion, or drug trafficking, there is a high likelihood you could face prison time in a federal penitentiary. You need an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer, who can help you navigate the system utilizing every tool available to protect your life, liberty, and future.

Experience Defending Federal Criminal Charges

The attorneys at Westfall Sellers represent individuals and businesses under investigation for, and charged with, violating federal criminal laws, including:


Bank Fraud

White Collar Crimes

Federal Drug Crimes



Healthcare Fraud

Federal Criminal Charges are Different than State Charges

This is true for many reasons. First, federal crimes are usually investigated by professional law enforcement officers. These include agents of the FBI, DEA, ATF, DHS, and CIA just to name a few. Typically, these agents have college degrees, know what they’re doing, and don’t make simple mistakes like some law enforcement officers in the state system. Second, the federal sentencing scheme is designed so the deck is stacked against you for putting up a fight. Unlike the State system, probation is rarely an option. But the lawyers at Westfall Sellers have helped clients obtain lighter sentences (including probation), and in many cases avoid charges altogether.

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If you have received a target letter to appear before a grand jury, a visit from a federal agent, or already have federal criminal charges pending, you need the best defense lawyer on your side. The attorneys at Westfall Sellers can provide additional information during a confidential consultation. To discuss your federal criminal charges with an experienced federal criminal lawyer, call Westfall Sellers at 817-928-4222, or contact us through our website.