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State and Federal Drug Case Defense Attorney Based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

Have Your or a Loved One Been Arrested for Possession of Drugs?

Every lawyer at Westfall Sellers has significant experience helping clients who have been accused of possessing or distributing drugs.  We have fought both state and federal prosecutions for amounts large and small.  We also have significant experience with the various diversion programs that have recently appeared as we have begun to get smarter about our “war on drugs.”

We Start Every Case With the Question, “Can it be Beaten?”

First things first, though.  We approach each and every case with an eye toward defeating it.  As police work goes, one of the places where corners are likely to be cut will be in search warrants and warrantless searches in drug cases.  We will always ask the question, “Was there an illegal search?”

The second hurdle is for the government to actually prove the drugs (or controlled substance) were “possessed” by our client.  As with the search issue, that is not always a straightforward matter. Mere presence alone is never enough.  We will be obtaining evidence against you, including videos, police reports, and lab reports. Unlike some, our practice is to review this evidence with you to determine the best course to take.  We find this approach, over time, renders significantly better results for our clients.

The “War on Drugs” Has Many Casualties — Don’t Be One.

With several states legalizing or de-criminalizing marijuana use, we have seen a tremendous increase in possession of THC cases, which are punished very harshly under Texas law. Edibles, THC vapor pens, and THC wax are prosecuted according to weight total weight.  So we see clients with a bag of Jolly Rancher candies or cookies containing THC which results in a prosecution for a first degree felony and a client facing a potential life sentence.  It is so important to call us as soon as possible after an arrest in a situation like this so we can do everything possible to intervene with the prosecuting authority to try to get the charge downgraded.

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