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Domestic Violence Defense

Get Quality Defense with a Westfall Sellers Domestic Violence Lawyer

Nobody ever thinks they’ll need a domestic violence defense lawyer, but when the need does arise, it’s usually at a critical and scary point in someone’s life. Once a family member begins throwing accusations of domestic violence around, the person at the receiving end of those accusations is often alienated, and their reputation, job, and more are put on the line.

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Who can accuse someone of domestic violence in Texas?

As is indicated by the name “domestic violence,” domestic violence crimes are assaults/acts of violence perpetrated by one family member against another. That said, who counts as a “family member” may surprise you.

Texas law stipulates that domestic violence can be committed against a current (legal) family member, a member of a person’s household, or a current-or-past significant other. This list includes:

  • A family member (by marriage, blood, or adoption)
  • Current and past spouses
  • Current and past individuals whom the alleged offender dated or with whom the alleged offender had a dating relationship
  • Someone with whom the alleged offender has a had a child
  • Someone with whom the alleged offender lives
  • Foster children and foster parents of the alleged offender

What constitutes domestic violence in Texas?

There are different classifications for what constitutes a domestic violence crime in Texas: domestic assault, aggravated domestic assault, and continuous violence against the family. Depending on the alleged conduct, charges can run from misdemeanor to First Degree Felony, which carries a possible life sentence.

Why should I bother hiring a domestic violence lawyer?

Many, many people are falsely accused of domestic violence in Texas every year. A sizeable number of these accusations are simply false and brought to gain some sort of advantage through divorce court. If the allegations are legitimate, then the district attorney still has the right to proceed even if your accuser decides to drop their charges against you and you object.

That means that with laws like Continuous Violence Against the Family, a few small mistakes can land you with a felony charge on your record. And any experienced domestic abuse lawyer can tell you, the penalties for domestic violence—fines, jail time, forced loss of contact with your children, loss of your right to bear arms, and a permanent criminal record—are steep and unforgiving.

Westfall Sellers Attorneys: The domestic violence defense lawyers you need

Hiring a quality domestic abuse attorney increases your chances of avoiding or reducing severe penalties. The lawyers of Westfall Sellers Attorneys understand what’s at stake for you during a domestic violence case. You can depend on our team to build a strong defense and do everything we can to ensure the more desirable outcome for your case.

You only get one shot at this. Don’t risk your freedoms on cheap or inexperienced representation. If you’ve been charged with domestic abuse of any sort, contact Westfall Sellers online or call us at 817-928-4222 today.