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Monroe Solomon III is a talented, energetic attorney that focuses exclusively on criminal defense. He joined the firm in 2014 straight out of law school. Since that time, Monroe has become a valuable asset with incredible results that prove as much. He has considerable knowledge of the law and all the ways that it can help, rather than hurt, his clients.

His experience in criminal law first began with the Tarrant County Judicial Staff Counsel as a clerk. The Judicial Staff Counsel works with the Tarrant County District Judges by advising them regarding different legal matters both trial and appellate. Through this clerkship, Monroe gained tremendous understanding of the criminal process from the trial court all the way through an appeal.

Now in private practice, Monroe is known for his energetic style as a passionate advocate who is unafraid to step into the courtroom on any matter, at any time, against anyone. His trial experience ranges from capital murder in district court, to conspiracy in federal court, all the way down to class c misdemeanor assault in municipal court. Monroe understands that each case, each client is different. As such, he furnishes individualized focus and preparation to each client.

More recently, Monroe has started to venture into appellate work. This avenue has provided an even more fundamental knowledge of the law which he has channeled into his other practice areas, most recently civil law. Though criminal law is his main area of concentration, Monroe has started to establish himself in civil matters, too. Whether it’s representing different business entities through an administrative process with local municipalities or defending clients through federal civil litigation, he is there to help.

Outside of the legal practice, Monroe has proven himself as a force in the classroom where he teaches law at the collegiate level at Southwestern Adventist University. His main area of focus is on the Constitution and its development through caselaw; though recently he has started a new program called Law and Order: Hollywood v. Reality which studies the differences between Hollywood law portrays and reality.

Aside from teaching at the university, Monroe is also the faculty adviser for Students for Social Justice Awareness which focuses on what students can do to bring about changes in the community. This program seeks to understand how groupthink and community dynamics can change the way we live our lives. Monroe is helping students find their own voice by providing a platform from which the students can inject themselves into the community.

  • Criminal Defense
  • Criminal Appeals
  • Civil Litigation
  • State Bar of Texas
  • United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas

Texas A&M University School of Law, Fort Worth, Texas, Juris Doctorate, 2014

  • Texas A&M Law Clinic
  • International Law Society, Vice-President
  • Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity
  • United States/China Study Abroad Mock Trial Participant

La Sierra University, Riverside, California, Bachelor of Arts – History, 2008

  • Pre-law Society, Member
  • Center for Student Academic Success, Student Adviser
  • Baseball Team
  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association
  • Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association
  • Texas Young Lawyer’s Association

Tarrant County Young Lawyer’s Association, Mentor

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