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Welcome to Westfall Sellers, a law firm dedicated to helping people through the most difficult times in their lives. We represent individuals and organizations facing criminal investigation and prosecution. We are a client-centered, full service trial and appellate firm. We tailor our representation to your needs. 

First and foremost, we are trial lawyers. The lawyers at Westfall Sellers have experience aggressively defending citizens and businesses accused of all types of criminal conduct, including:

We have won dismissals, charge reductions, probations, more lenient sentences, and acquittals (not-guilty verdicts) in all types of cases. Whether your charges are in state or federal court, our attorneys can help.

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Westfall Sellers also handles postconviction cases. Our experience as trial lawyers makes us uniquely qualified to spot and argue issues that have won new trials and dismissals for our clients after conviction.

The American criminal justice system may be one of the best in the world, but it is far from perfect. If you have been convicted, you may have the option of filing a direct appeal, petition for discretionary review, or an application for writ of habeas corpus. Our lawyers have handled criminal appeals and writs at all levels from our local state courts of appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States.

In addition to criminal trials and appeals, the lawyers at Westfall Sellers also handle high-stakes civil cases. Our attorneys have successfully sued for recovery on claims of fraud, conspiracy, illegal wiretapping, among others. Very few civil lawyers have argued as many cases to jury verdict as the lawyers at Westfall Sellers.

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To mount the best defense, you must start early. Do not speak with the police. If you receive a phone call from a detective or a target letter to appear before a federal grand jury, you need to contact the attorneys at Westfall Sellers immediately. Contact us today at 817-928-4222 to arrange your free initial case evaluation at our Fort Worth office.